Have You Sent Us Your Individual Income Tax Documents Yet?

If the Answer is No…
We would appreciate receiving what you have by March 15. We expect that you, like many of our clients, are still waiting on certain items. For example, we realize 1099’s are being mailed later than usual this year by some stock brokerage companies, and that the Schedules K-1 are typically mailed late March through early April. Even without that information, we appreciate the opportunity to get your return started.

Send Us What You Have Today
We will get your income tax return preparation started and as close to completion as possible. Then when your last items become available, we will be able to seamlessly complete your tax return. The more information we receive from you now, the more efficiently we can deliver a finished return back to you.

If the Answer is Yes…
Thank you. You can be assured if your return isn’t already completed, it is in process. We have a great team working for you.

If you have any questions, please contact your Anders tax advisor. Our Team is Always On for you during Busy Season and year round. We know you have many choices when it comes to professional services. Thank you for choosing Anders.