Google Profiles: What are they?

Social media is becoming a part of our daily lives. We are all on Facebook; professionals use LinkedIn; and no one knows why anyone would use Twitter. We always hear stories about to keep your profiles professional. The problem with these profiles is that they are mostly limited to your closed group of contacts. What about people who are not connected with you on these sites?

Given the fact that Google is the dominant player in internet search, the odds are that they will search for you on Google. I know I have done a search for my name and even I have had trouble finding information about me. Let’s face it, no matter how unique, we all share our name with other people.

A Google Profile displays a page YOU create at the top of the search results when your name is searched. The use of a Google Profile is another way to ensure that when a search is made for you a potential client gets the information you want them to see. This is much better than having the potential client view random bits of information gathered from unknown sources. The profile page can have descriptive texts, links to blogs, your LinkedIn profile or your Facebook page and much more. Best of all, they are free and easy to set up.

There is a huge potential to use this as a marketing tool. For example, if you have a created a professional profile on your firm’s website or LinkedIn, you can create a custom link directly to the page on your Google Profile. You can add photos, contact information or any other information you want.

Having a Google Profile page is another way to market yourself and your firm’s services. When a person searches for you, you have the best possible information available for them via a Google Profile.