Girls on the Run Leading March Madness Before it Even Begins

There are only about 24 hours left to make your picks in the 2011 Anders-sponsored Hoops for Hope NCAA pool, and ensure that Girls on the Run St. Louis is the team that comes out on top.

By investing as little as $10, you can pick a bracket and have the opportunity to win great prizes. And, if you are on the leader board, you will even get your name in the St. Louis Business Journal’s Morning Call – everyone likes a little publicity. But better yet, your investment will go towards implementing a Girls on the Run program in a school that doesn’t have one, or buying a pair of running shoes for a young girl who doesn’t have the funds to do so.

Anders’s Hoops for Hope program is a great example of how little things can make a big difference. Today you can make a difference for as little as $10. One thing is for sure – whatever team comes out the victor of March Madness, whether it is a top seed or an upset, no team will celebrate more than Girls on the Run St. Louis.

We thank the St. Louis Business Journal for promoting our efforts, and all our Double-Diamond SUPER Platinum Sponsors for making this our most fun tournament in 24 years. Make your picks at or from the Anders web site at For more information on Girls on the Run, visit