How to Get the Most Out of Your CPA

When most people think about hiring a Certified Public Accountant, they think about the high fees they will incur from the CPA’s services. What they don’t always think about is how their CPA can help them and how they can help their CPA keep costs down.

Ways you can help your CPA keep costs down:

  • Ask questions when meeting with your accountant rather than emailing or calling later.
  • Find out who their connections are. Taxable transactions are easier to complete and can save you more money when the transactions go smoothly and there is good communications between all parties involved.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations and referrals. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for business advice even when it doesn’t have to do with numbers. Our professionals have most likely seen similar situations before.
  • Stay in contact with your accountant throughout the year. Tax savings can be planned early on and time can be well spent when accountants aren’t as busy. Not to mention, the potential tax savings are lost once the transaction has already taken place.
  • Come prepared because less is more doesn’t always hold true.

It’s better to be open with your accountant about your plans for the future because your accountant will have a better idea on how you can save money by paying fewer taxes.