Gain Funding by Pitching Your Startup to Angel Investors

Congratulations on developing your idea and pursuing your dream by launching a startup!  You may have reached the point where you’ve taken your startup as far as you can without additional funding.  When this happens, there are many different avenues to receive funding– family, friends, angel investors, crowdfunding, banks, etc.  Pitching to angel investors can be extremely valuable to a startup, but can also be intimidating.

Ask Yourself Why

There are some important points to consider before making your pitch to angel investors.  The biggest question to ask before you look to get money for your venture is ask “why”.  Why do you need more money?  Funding from angels is usually different than crowdfunding because these investors usually want to take a stake in your company in return for capital.

Prepare to Pitch

Before making your pitch, you will want to make sure you have good accounting reports and projections in order to know and be able to provide these potential investors with your anticipated revenues and profitability points in the future.  Seek out potential angel investors based on who they are, not just how much money they are willing to put up for you.  What will they help bring to your company?  Once you get in front of these investors, make sure you are being honest with them.  If you aren’t honest with them, they may not be able to provide you with the help that you need or new ideas you can use to continue to grow your venture.

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