How the St. Louis Startup Ecosystem Stacks Up Internationally

Understanding how startup ecosystems are performing locally, nationally and internationally is vital for startup companies in pitching their business and market. One of our startup team’s goals in serving startup companies and entrepreneurs is keeping our fingers on the pulse on the startup ecosystem.

Startup Genome recently published the 2017 Global Startup Ecosystem Report, providing survey data and research into the performance and lifecycles of entrepreneurship ecosystems around the world.

Exciting news for startups locally is that St. Louis made the “Deep Dives Americas” list, which made us only one of nine cities in North America to get global attention in this category.  More impressively, we were one of three U.S. cities to get global attention in this category. The only other U.S. cities on Deep Dives America were Atlanta and Houston.

A few key statistics on the St. Louis startup ecosystem that jumped out at me:

  • St. Louis’ Midwestern work ethic, a penchant for forward thinking, and an influx of funding is all working together to make St. Louis an emerging contender within the tech world. St. Louis is one of the faster growing startup scenes in the U.S. Its tech scene now houses 200-350 active startups, occupying several rehabbed buildings to form St. Louis’ hip tech cluster.
  • 16% of St. Louis startups report having moved from another U.S. city, twice the average for U.S. ecosystems
  • Ecosystem Value: $762MM
  • Early stage funding per startup: $159,000 (Global average: $252,000)

Access the full 2017 Global Startup Ecosystem Report. See pages 97 – 98 for the full dive into St. Louis’ startup ecosystem. If you have any questions or insights that you pick up from the report, send me an email at We are always looking for insights from others in the startup community.