Capital Innovators Spring 2018 Cohort is Raising the Bar in St. Louis

Within the St. Louis startup ecosystem, it is hard to point to just one factor that has fueled the success and continued growth of the ecosystem.  While there are many organizations, influencers and supporters that have made the ecosystem what it is today, Capital Innovators is definitely one of the key innovation engines in St. Louis.  Their reach is well beyond St. Louis, expanding not only across the Midwest but also globally.

For those that are unfamiliar with Capital Innovators, its team provides innovation consulting, entrepreneurial-based programs, and acts as a liaison between corporations, universities and startups to catalyze investment into early-stage businesses.  While there are many facets to Capital Innovators, it is best known for its nationally ranked accelerator program – which St. Louis is very fortunate to be the home of.  In less than a decade, their program has an incredible track record of funding and accelerating over ninety companies, of which over 90% are still in operations and have raised over $300 million in follow-on funding.  Compared to other accelerator programs across the country, these stats are staggering.

Recently, Capital Innovators welcomed their Spring 2018 cohort to St. Louis, and what an impressive and downright awesome group of companies it is!  The cohort includes two St. Louis companies, and others from Mexico, Singapore and across the U.S.  We cannot wait to see what these companies are able to accomplish as part of the program, as well as what they will bring to the St. Louis startup ecosystem along with way.  While we would highly encourage you to research each of these companies in detail, we will get you started with a quick summary of each.

Jubel – Mexico City, Mexico

Jubel eliminates the stress and time involved in planning and booking alternative travel experiences with a hassle-free and modern personalized service accessible to all budgets.  Jubel’s technology is backed by AI and a proprietary database which allows them to quickly match clients with trips in line with their personal preferences and styles.  Jubel has garnered 50 features in media exposures while helping over 5,000 users discover every continent around the globe.

KIND Soap – St. Louis, MO

KIND soap company creates the KIND brand of natural personal care and beauty products. KIND products are sold wholesale to companies like Whole Foods and through KIND’s online store. The product lines are formulated to always be three things: 1) KIND to your skin – by using only safe and natural ingredients, 2) KIND to the earth – by packaging with eco-minded materials, and 3) KIND to others – by donating ten cents from every product sold.

Slasify – Singapore

Slasify helps companies assemble and manage a virtual, global team to execute projects. In the areas of IT, HW, Design and Marketing, businesses give Slasify their projects and Slasify sees it through to the finish line.

StatRoute – Denver, CO

StatRoute is a sports technology startup with a multi-tiered, multifaceted platform that empowers consumers to create, connect, and drive their own value within fantasy sports. StatRoute provides a central management solution that reduces barriers of managing assets and decisions, tucked within a social platform that connects and grows relationships through modern solutions.

Vision Interchange – Washington D.C.

Vision Interchange offers consumers a whole new way to shop e-commerce by way of trading. Trading goods and services allows inherent value to be retained and passed on. This lets customers bypass the hassle and loss of money in the re-selling process with one easy step.

VoiceXP – St. Louis, MO

VoiceXP builds voice software, known as “Alexa skills” for brands and enterprise businesses.  Through these voice experiences, companies now have a new channel to drive growth, business productivity, efficiency, and improve customer relationships by using the most natural form of communication.

As you can see, the new Capital Innovators cohort has brought together an amazing group of companies.  Which, will no doubt experience success individually, but will also raise the bar for the innovation community in St. Louis.

For more information, we would encourage you to visit the Capital Innovators website.  We are huge fans of their program and their portfolio companies, and we are sure you will be too, if not already! Learn more about Capital Innovators and their new accelerator class.