Coolfire Media Wins Accounting Association Award

We are proud to announce that our client Coolfire Media is the inaugural recipient of the Leading Edge Alliance (LEA) Edge Award for 2013 Outstanding Community Service/Client Companies of LEA. This award, presented at the end of October at the LEA Global Conference in San Francisco, honors the most creative and productive company initiative or program for community service.

While the Edge Awards have been given for more than a decade to acknowledge excellence and innovation by accounting firms in the alliance, this is the first year member firm’s clients have been eligible. Anders made the nomination after attending Coolfire’s local Pinewood Derby.

This Pinewood Derby is nothing like you’ve ever seen. What began as a friendly inter-agency competition has escalated to one of the premier social and fundraising events in this firm’s marketing and advertising community, thanks to its customized, high-speed beast of a racetrack and a significant boost in publicity by Coolfire.

Using social media combined with a one-of-a-kind party, Coolfire Media has raised more than $35,000 for charities around the city with this annual event, demonstrating that Pinewood Derbies can be much more than child’s play.

LEA is the second largest global accounting network in the world with approximately 200 offices in 100 countries. LEA Global firms’ combined annual revenue totals more than $2.7 billion. More than 400 LEA members were at the Global Conference where the award was presented to Anders on behalf of Coolfire.