Cloud Computing Helps Contractors on the Go

Contractors these days need to be mobile. They also need to be able to communicate with workers who are mobile as well, and who may be using a variety of communications tools. PCs, smart phones, and tablets all come into play when a workforce is on the move, and technology solutions need to be applicable for all these devices.

Cloud Technology for Contractors

Cloud-based computing is making it easier for contractors to access information on the go. When all the information is stored in the cloud, it becomes more accessible by all employees on the go and at job sites.  There is no need to download software or to use designated hardware because the solution is available using any device with a Web browser.

Some of the benefits of cloud-based computing are updated project costs and schedules, dispatching, work order management, improved document storage and retrieval, as well rapid access to data resulting in better decisions.

For service-based contractors, a cloud-based solution offers the freedom to access information from many locations at any time.  This allows contractors to keep up with the demands of the job while never losing touch with their business.  If you are considering implementing cloud-based computing into your business, please contact your Anders advisor to learn more about the benefits of moving to “the cloud.”