Revitalizing the Manufacturing Industry: A Call to Action (Part V of V)

This is the fifth and final part in a five part series based on the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) whitepaper, Challenges Facing the Manufacturing Industry and taking the First Steps toward the Revitalization of Manufacturing. This blog offers a call for action that all organizations can use to help improve their business and grow the manufacturing industry/economy.

Policy-makers, industry professionals, and academic leaders play critical roles in revitalizing the economy through the rebirth of manufacturing jobs. They need to ensure the supply of high-quality inputs such as educated citizens, physical infrastructure, and a favorable tax and regulatory framework to foster increased collaboration between public and private sector partners.

Businesses need to grow a culture that achieves results through engaging their people. They need to foster rapid advancement of technology and innovation by establishing regional consortiums to help bring jobs back home. There is a need to develop pragmatic, working-level leaders who can pull it all together.

Parents, teachers, and business leaders need to recognize the reality that other high-achieving nations are both out-educating us and out-competing us. Our educational system has a long way to go to fulfill the American promise of education as the great equalizer.

Initiatives aimed at expanding the manufacturing base, engaging lean leaders, increasing exports, and boosting research and development will enable businesses to have the skilled workers needed to design, produce, and export quality goods and services, again.

The transformation of the manufacturing industry will require efforts from government, teachers, and businesses all across the U.S, but here, in St. Louis, it starts with each manufacturing company doing its part to ensure that it is operating as efficiently and effectively as possible. As always, remember to contact Anders if any of these blog topics interested you and you want to take the next step to further grow your business or simply make it more efficient. We are able to give a unique perspective that can help continue to grow your business.