Beer, Baseball, and Betting Big on Startups

If I asked you what St. Louis had in common with cities like Boston and San Francisco, what would you guess?  Maybe that they are all cities experiencing a boom in microbreweries?  How about they are all cities with exceptional baseball teams and fans?

Both of these are of course true.  However, St. Louis also shares a link with cities like Boston and San Francisco in that they are all attracting a large number of entrepreneurs and their emerging companies.

From a financial perspective, St. Louis startup companies raised more than $222 million in venture capital in 2014.  This represents a significant increase over what was available even just a few years ago.

Equally important, St. Louis startups are getting a lot of attention and support from the St. Louis corporate community.  As recently mentioned in the St. Louis Business Journal, companies like Anheuser-Busch, Purina, Boeing, Monsanto, MasterCard, Enterprise, and Scottrade are all becoming very active in the St. Louis startup ecosystem to share office space, foster innovative thinking, and even bypass traditional job placement practices

Having access to this capital and corporate support combined with St. Louis’ relatively inexpensive cost of living has quickly made St. Louis a “hot spot” for new and emerging companies in the technology, life science, and manufacturing industries.

At Anders, we are heavily invested in the St. Louis startup and emerging company ecosystem, and we pride ourselves as being a top-tier service provider and advisor to these emerging companies and their entrepreneurs.   For more information, please contact an Anders advisor.