Anders Takes Space at Industrious

Anders has increased our presence in the Startup ecosystem by leasing office space at Industrious, St. Louis’ newest co-working incubator at 555 Washington Avenue. More than 10,000 square feet of space opened there earlier this month.

“As a firm, Anders is dedicated to the Startup community here”, said Dave Finklang, CPA, co-leader of Anders Startup Group. “We provide services for startup and emerging companies, sponsor and volunteer within startup organizations, and are deeply entrenched in this marketplace, having an office presence was our next step. It will be a great opportunity for members of our team to spend time working in this environment.”

Industrious was founded by Jamie Hodari and Justin Stewart, both of New York, in 2013. They quickly opened co-working spaces in Chicago and Atlanta; St. Louis is their third location.  Other outlets are scheduled to open this year in Brooklyn and Philadelphia, and they are also eyeing Nashville, Tenn., as well as Austin, Texas, and Raleigh, N.C.

While many co-working places feature only desks, cubicles or merely a seat at a table, Industrious provides glass-walled private offices as well as communal work space.  According to Emma Dively, manager of the St. Louis operation there will not be pint-size basketball courts or table games at Industrious.  Instead Industrious offers space that is a bit more mature, more sophisticated, with facilities to collaborate and entertain.

“Industrious shatters the image of startups working out of basements and garages,” said Adam Prest, CPA, co-leader of Anders Startup Group. “This space is ideal for our target companies who are looking for a bigger presence and great workspace, and being able to work side-by-side is a win-win for them and Anders. When you walk-in, make a quick left and we’re the second office, right in the heart of all that is happening at Industrious.”