Ready, Set, Get Wet: Anders Partners Get Iced for ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Yesterday, 16 partners at Anders were doused with buckets of ice-cold water. By this point, you’ve probably heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, sweeping across the nation and flooding Facebook feeds with videos of people dumping water on themselves. A quick breakdown: someone challenges you to dump ice water on yourself within a certain time frame, and if you don’t comply, you have to donate to the ALS foundation. The idea behind the challenge is to raise awareness for ALS – and it has worked: as of today, the organization has raised more than $50 million alone.

Anders decided to up the ante, by allowing employees to bid on each Partner – the highest bidder would then get the honors of pouring ice cold water on the head of a Partner. By doing that, we raised $660, and each partner decided to contribute $100, to a total of $1900. As the rules of the challenge state, you must nominate people to participate, so we decided to nominate several firms of the Leading Edge Alliance: LBMC, LBA Group, KLR, SS&G, Lurie Besikof, Delap, Clark Nuber and PKF Texas are all on the clock. And of course, Karen Kehl-Rose, the President of the Leading Edge Alliance. We’re looking forward to seeing their videos next!

Click here to view the full video on Anders’ Facebook page.