An A-Rod Suspension: Bad for A-Rod but Good for Yankees?

By now everyone is aware that Alex Rodriguez is facing a possible significant suspension from MLB for his connection to the Biogenesis clinic and related alleged transgressions.

Obviously not good for A-Rod as he would lose his rather significant salary ($28,000,000 this year) during the suspension, how much depends on the length of the suspension.

But what about the Yankees?  An argument can sure be made that the Yankees would benefit from this scandal.  They won’t have to pay A-Rod his exorbitant salary that is overpaying him for his production on the field.

That alone is helpful, but depending on the length of the suspension, it may even be enough to help them get under the luxury tax threshold.  If it’s a lifetime ban, a surprising turn of events, but possible, the Yankees could even conceivably get out of his lengthy contract quagmire altogether – they still owe him around $86 million – letting them off the hook for their very expensive decision a few years back.

Any of the above scenarios put the Yankees in a position to spend more money to improve their team.  An unintended consequence to be sure…