Spend a Little, Save a Lot with Ameren’s Business Energy Efficiency Incentive Program

What’s better than lowering your utility bills by making the most of energy efficient products in your business? Getting paid to implement the changes! This is exactly what Ameren is looking to do for its customers.

Ameren Missouri launched a new Business Energy Efficiency Incentive Program effective January 3, 2012 – May 31, 2012 that provides incentives for the purchase and installation of energy efficient equipment. This program offers both standard and custom incentives when retrofitting lighting, HVAC, and refrigeration for businesses.

The incentives range from $150 to $15,000 depending on the existing and updated energy equipment purchased and installed. There are many opportunities to qualify for these rebates, but a pre-approval from Ameren is required for both the standard and custom incentive rebates before the equipment can be purchased. Take the proactive approach if you are considering going green because applying for these rebates can result in additional dollars saved.

Other Business and Residential Energy Initiatives offered through Ameren are available for both Illinois and Missouri taxpayers. Check out Ameren’s overview of the rebate program at http://www.actonenergy.com/state-selection?rq=/.

Please also keep in mind that this program will be phased out once the limited energy savings goal has been reached, so act fast!

  • Achieving energy efficiency goals requires integration of Energy into the corporate strategy, a comprehensive understanding of the opportunity, and execution of a viable implementation plan.