Going above and beyond is just the beginning.

Every day, we are inspired by our clients and colleagues. We see you push to do more, be more and achieve more. We take this inspiration as a challenge. To go above and beyond, just as you do. To add value. To stretch past the expected. And to deliver real-world advice. Advice that makes a difference to improve your personal and professional lives.

Here’s a sample of what this inspiration has meant to our clients in the past year:

Captured $145,000 in Revenue for Specialty Group

Through a revenue charge capture analysis, we uncovered $145,000 in lost revenue at a five-physician specialty group. We worked with our client to identify the root causes and created systems to prevent future leakage.

Saved Founder Over $500,000 in Tax on Sale of Company Shares

Through diligent stock planning and entity selection planning, we saved the founder of a very successful startup company over $500,000 in tax on the sale of a large portion of his founders’ shares.

Managed Sale of MLB Team and its Assets

When managing the sale of a Major League Baseball team and its assets from its current stadium, which was being torn down to make room for a new stadium, we turned the assets from the old stadium into $6.5 million in revenue through the creation of over 30 different licensed products, a national auction, and a massive live event.

Established Formal Investment Policy

Anders worked with a long-time not-for-profit client to establish a formal Investment Policy. We researched guidelines for the development of an effective investment policy, and used this knowledge to create a comprehensive questionnaire to assist in gathering pertinent information. Anders conducted in-depth interviews with the Board and key members of management to identify investment philosophy, risk tolerance, investment goals, and governance issues. The resulting data was used to create a working draft of the investment policy for review, modification, and ultimate approval by the Board.

Structured Equipment Purchase for Tax Credits

When a manufacturer wanted to make a $1 million equipment purchase, we identified their location as a distressed area, and helped them maximize their state tax credit, worth about $75,000. Three years later, they turned to us for assistance with a similar purchase.

Created Trust to Fund Charitable Contributions, Protect Estate

After inheriting a significant amount of money, our client turned to us to help set up a charitable trust. Through the trust, we helped our client make annual charitable donations while removing a significant amount of money from her taxable estate. The trust was funded with low-basis stock, and each year our client sells a portion of these shares to obtain the cash needed for donations. Any capital gains are offset by the trust’s charitable deduction.

“Always On” is first and foremost a pledge to our clients that we are tirelessly working to help them make the most of their money. It means doing everything you’d expect from your accounting firm – and then doing a little bit (and sometimes a lot) more. Why? Because we know you’re “Always On” too – and we want you to know we’re right there with you.

We’re honored and humbled that over the past year, we’ve been recognized by our industry colleagues and coworkers for the work we’re doing. While we don’t do it for the accolades or rewards – the stories on this page are reward enough – we are honored to include their logos on this page.