Are You Ready to Take Your Accounting Online?

QuickBooks now offers an online version of their software. With typical desktop accounting software you are restricted to using your local computer; however with QuickBooks Online, a web-based software, you can use your software anywhere you have internet access.

Typically QuickBooks encourages you to upgrade your software every couple of years – especially because they only support the three most current versions. Every time you upgrade, you pay for the software again. With QuickBooks online there is no software to install or update, ever.

Worried about security? Don’t be. QuickBooks Online is a VeriSign Secured product. Which means your data is secured with the same data-encryption technology used by financial institutions. It is also automatically backed up on secure servers outside of your own office.

As a bonus, with QuickBooks Online you will be able to utilize online invoicing. This feature allows you to issue and track invoices online, making it easier to track who owes you what and to make sure you get paid.

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